The Company

Civilco Consulting Company operates in the field of technical projects at the level of design, construction, consulting, as well as real estate development, constantly expanding the field of its activities.

The company’s members, executives and partners form an experienced team of Civil Engineers, Electricians and Mechanical Engineers, Architect Engineers, Environmentalists, Economists and Legal Consultants. It thus covers the entire spectrum of works, from the initial design of a project until its completion.

The integrated studies, licensing and knowledge of the laws that govern private and public works, are some of the company’s fields of expertise. At the same time, the processes, the excellent relations with the competent bodies, the financial analysis and costing of the projects, the negotiations of the contracts and the preparation of their documents, as well as the organization and supervision of worksites – the health and safety of employees, time-schedules, contracts, cost control, quality execution, observance of designs – renders Civilco Consulting and Constructions Company capable of managing all types of projects.

Another major field the company is active in, is finding real estate properties to develop, assessing them by preparing feasibility, viability and performance studies, and subsequently the negotiation of their purchase price.

The company has extensive experience in the design-supervision-construction of photovoltaic systems, legalization of illegal structures and issue of energy performance certificates for buildings.

Another advantage of the company is its expertise, among other things, also on the level of design-construction of energy saving methods with the use of mild forms of energy (e.g. geothermal, solar heating, green roofs) and integrated automated solutions for residences and business premises.

In the framework of the integrated Management of a Project, the company’s contribution in the Preparation of a Technical File of Investment Proposals is significant. The work is prepared with the assistance of an experienced Financial and Legal Consultant with specialization in issues of Trade Law and Companies, their presence deemed necessary on matters of Investment Programs and Development Law.

The company specializes in investment proposals for financing with regard to the erection and renovation of hotels, many of which have already proceeded to implement their investment plans and are today at the final monitoring -financing stage.